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The Southwestern Ontario Tractor Pullers Association is a vibrant and exciting organization deeply rooted in the rich agricultural heritage of Southwestern Ontario.

With events spanning across Shedden, Dungannon, Pain Court, Alvinston, Embro, Forest, South Buxton, Wyoming, Petrolia, Wallacetown, and Brigden, the Southwestern Ontario Tractor Pullers Association (SWOTPA) has become a central hub for tractor pulling enthusiasts and competitors in the region.

Tractor pulling has a storied history in this part of Canada, dating back to a time when horsepower meant actual horses. In those early days, it was a spirited competition to determine which horse could pull the most weight over the longest distance. As the world evolved, so did this age-old competition. Horses were gradually replaced by tractors, marking the beginning of a new era in the sport.

Over time, as tractors became more sophisticated and powerful, tractor pulling evolved into a highly competitive and thrilling sport. The Southwestern Ontario Tractor Pull Association is at the forefront of this evolution, hosting a wide range of tractor pulling events that showcase the diversity and prowess of these modern machines. SWOTPA encompasses six sanctioned divisions of competition, catering to different tractor types and modifications. These divisions include 2WD trucks, Super Stock 4X4 Trucks, Hot Farm Tractors, Light Limited Pro Stock, Limited Pro Stock, and Superfarm. Each category offers its own unique challenges and excitement, attracting both seasoned veterans and newcomers alike.

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Volunteers Wanted!

SWOTPA is seeking enthusiastic volunteers willing to assist at the Registration Trailer and/or as Distance Recorders. We welcome both adults and students to join us in this rewarding endeavour. SWOTPA is also recognized as an approved platform for students to accrue their volunteer credit hours.

If you’re interested, please reach out to any SWOTPA board member or send an email to to get involved. Your support is greatly appreciated!

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