Event Schedule

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Southwestern Ontario Tractor Pullers Association

2022 Event Schedule

Please note that the classes listed are not listed in pull order.  Class order per event will be availabe at the SWOTPA Registration trailer

Saturday, June 18th4:00pmDungannon | CoSanction w/OTTPALHFx2, HFx2, LLPSx2, LPSx2 , SFx2, SS | see OTTPA website (www.ottpa.ca) for class details
Friday, June 24th6:30pmPain Court LHFx2, HFx2, LLPSx2, LPSx2, SFx2
Friday, July 15th7:00pmAlvinstonLHFx2, HFx2, LLPSx2, LPSX2, SFx2, 2WD Demo, UL Demo
Friday, July 29th7:00pmDresdenLHFx2, HFx2, LLPSx2, LPSx2, SFx2
Saturday, July 30th3:30pmEmbro | CoSanction w/OTTPAHFx2, LLPSx2, LPSx2, SFx2 | see OTTPA website (www.ottpa.ca) for class details
Friday, August 12th7:00pmForestLHFx2, HFx2, LLPSx2, LPSx2, SFx2, 2WD
Saturday, August 27th2:00pmWyomingLHFx2, HFx2, LLPSx2, LPSx2, SFx2, 2WD, Mini Rods
Friday, September 9th7:00pmPetroliaLHFx2, HFx2, LLPSx2, LPSx2, SFx2, 16000lb OTF, 2WD Demo
Saturday, September 17th6:00pmRodneyLHF 7000lb, HF 9000lb, LLPS 7000lb, LPS 9000lb, SF 10,000lb
Friday, October 7th7:00pmBridgenLHFx2, HFx2, LLPSx2, LPSx2, SFx2
LHF-Light Hot Farm tractors (SWOTPA Sanctioned class) HF-Hot Farm tractors (SWOTPA Sanctioned class)
LLPS-Light Limited ProStock tractors (SWOTPA Sanctioned class) LPS-Limited ProStock tractors (SWOTPA Sanctioned class)
SF-Super Farm tractors (SWOTPA Sanctioned class) SS-Stock Semi Trucks (Promoter addition)
2WD-Two Wheel Drive Trucks (Promoter addition) UL-Unlimited Modified Tractors (Promoter addition)
OTF-Out of Field Tractors (Promoter addition)